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The Kitten That Appeared

Here is The Kitten That Appeared, a video that was required to be just at 3 minutes and was completed in very short time according to the constraints. It tells the story of a kitten named Akina that goes on journeys in Japan.

To make an animation such as The Kitten That Appeared, we go over the story and plot out how to put it into Video format by thumbnail sketches, then Storyboard, and finally Animation.

Cost depends on the complexity of everything. The Kitten That Appeared was very simple. We can only estimate that if we read it — your script. For example, how many characters need to be drawn, and what are they doing, how many scenes… etc. The cost comes down dramatically if you have a few characters in a static environment (for example, a room) and they are just talking.

Below you can view another example of a low-cost Storyboard / Animation / Animatronic. It’s just a snippet and not 10-Minutes and graciously being lent as an example here even though it is a Work-in-Progress.

The example is at the Raster (rough, hand-drawn) Storyboard stage and needs to be finalized into smooth lines (Vector) and more detail will be added (background, Color, etc.) to make it smoother.

You can imagine the sound of the dialog as it will make the story flow much differently, but here in the Example, the dialog is penciled in to help plot the story.


TWO BUDDIES enter a pizzeria with a blob of dough as a logo (above the door). The Buddy with the curly hair owns it and has financial trouble.

The Buddy with the curly hair has made a mural which catches the other Buddy off-guard!

The plotting of this Storyboard (the Animatronic is not shown) took into account the comedic timing, using double and triple takes and other means (repeated close-ups of the mural) to show that the Buddy with the curly hair has a mental issue in addition to his financial one.

Note that there’s a break between each picture.

End of Example Storyboard / Animatronic Snippet.

Work in Progress

Here is just a few frames from a project we are working on. The super short video shows a swimmer at ultra high speed. It’s a bit fast and we will change that later but are moving on to animating other aspects of the video.

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