Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

Quotable Movie

We are reviewers and movie makers.

About Us

We live and breathe movies

We love movies and want to be the number one resource on the Internet for blogging reviews of movies (and television).

But we as Screenwriters and Animators also know the problem — the “bottleneck” — and that is that the industry is especially cruel. You will fast realize that nobody wants to read an outside screenplay and the Hollywood model is making it tougher for the little guy with a new, untried story.

It’s just too costly.

But that’s why we are different. We go around the studios, make a short (10-Minute) and inexpensive movie for you and get it out to the public (social media websites such as YouTube). Instant sensation!?!

If it garners views and accolades from the public, you will have an easier time getting it made on a big-budget as it is your “calling-card”.

The Story’s yours and we do not retain any rights to it, the same goes for the movie that we make for you.


If you are ready, tell us about your project!