Mon. Jan 27th, 2020

Quotable Movie

We are reviewers and movie makers.

The Quotable Movie Approach

We are totally different from all other production houses in that we focus on the first 10 minutes of a screenplay. That’s because it’s all about the first 10 minutes. Secondly, by focusing on the first 10 minutes, we keep costs down. The point is to get it made and to the public (YouTube) and let viewers decide. You can decide to make a TV or feature-length movie based on the feedback. You own all of the rights to the story and movie and can sell the rights to any production company.

We make Animatronics. This is a scaled down form of Animation but without all of the details that make Animation so expensive. The point is to get your setting and witty dialog out there instead of the screenplay resting in a drawer or folder deep in the recesses of a computer.

We will go over the first 10 minutes of the screenplay and check for correct formatting. Once that is in play and signed off on, we plan out the Vocals for each Character. We Storyboard and convert this into Vectors, adding colors and basic background, as we build an Animatronic. See ‘Services’ for more information.

Producers Seeking Scripts

Screenwriters can post a Logline and contact information for Producers Seeking Scripts to view.

Screenwriting Help

We have Experts in Screenwriting able to review your Logline, Summary, TV or Feature-length scripts.

The Hero’s Journey

We root for the little guy when we watch movies. That’s because Screenwriting is a Hero’s Journey. But we all know how difficult it is to get traction and after years (decades?), nothing gets done by just hoping and waiting. And that’s why we are different! We help the Hero (that makes us the Mentor) and get that screenplay out of the dusty drawer or neglected folder, made into a shiny video and get it out to the public!

So, if you want…

Contact Us if you’d like to get some traction on your screenplay or to find out more the ways we might help.